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From global brands to individual dreamers, my clients appreciate my unconventional approach to discovering trends & uncovering insights to inspire business opportunities.
A client brief in reverse.
In 2024, I'm looking to work with:
  • Visionary leaders who want to expand + energise + excite their thinking at cultural speed.

  • Brands who want their business of today to look and feel very different from tomorrow.

  • Agencies who are missing curiosity and wonder via creativity sparks for their teams & clients.

  • CMOs and CSOs who value bringing the outside + inside in = tangible [fill in the blank]

About Me
My name is Amy Daroukakis, I provide global businesses, agencies and innovative start-ups with strategic insights (culture, category, citizen, company) and emergent trends to inform product/market direction, shape their future-forward content and connect with their ideal audience. I work remotely for clients Globally and blend work, inspiration, and life between London, Athens, and Berlin.

Over the last 15 years, I have travelled to over sixty countries, lived in six, and worked across six continents on categories ranging from couture to curry to cars for brands including LVMH, Airbnb, The V&A Museum, Unilever and Google. In addition, I've worked with innovation labs and accelerators across Europe, mentoring the next wave of start-ups within the tourism and hospitality sector.

I believe in the power of community, varied ideas and nudging forward a much-needed [inclusive] conversation in the world of Trends and foresight. Quarterly, I co-host the London chapter of Futures Friends, bringing together 75+ fellow curiosity seekers in person! In addition, I'm part of a Global collective that gathers the latest paywall-free Trend Reports [200+ and counting for 24] to enable fair + open access.

New for 24: [Podcast] The Culture Connectors: Captivating Conversations with trend forecasters & culture catalysts.

Always open to a conversation, how can I help?
I focus on bringing the outside world in through tangible, meaningful stimulation to spark strategic decision making.
My Approach
No matter the project or topic I start with a databank of observations culled from 15 years of talking to people, looking at supermarket shelves, reading and observing shifts in citizen (consumer) behaviour, their preferences and interests. I combine that with talking to your internal stakeholders (to understand your brand and competitors), connecting with your customers and interviewing category experts. That's then paired with sourced stats and figures along with tangible (culture, category, citizen, company) examples to support your internal decision-making process.

What this looks like as a deliverable varies based on your needs, time and budget.

Who I Work with...
No matter if you're a Strategy Director or Brand Manager, I understand your time is valuable and limited so I'll work with you in tandem. You'll receive timely and relevant insights to fuel your strategic initiatives, new product exploration or future communication. Open to any brief, I've advised brands from Target, Facebook and Volkswagen on everything from potential partners to how to tackle uncomfortable messaging during a brand crisis.

Agencies: Seeking concrete support and examples to fuel stimulus for internal/client brainstorm sessions, creative teams, strategy departments, new business pitches and/or topical white papers to strengthen client relationships.

Brands: those looking for outside inspiration and a current viewpoint into what is going on in culture, your competitors and citizen (consumers') lives. This can be delivered through innovation workshop stimulus, curated monthly content and/or via a quarterly inspiration session with leading-edge citizens, key influencers and/or category experts.
    "A brilliant panoramic navigation of our audiences - thank you. So rich and resonant. So many things that we sensed and intuited, explored and underwritten with serious thinking and data. And so many things that I hadn't considered that we must now engage with - thank you!"- Dr Gus Casey-Hayford, Director of The V&A [East] Museum
    Current & Previous Clients
    From couture to curry to cars I am confident exploring and advising on any topic...
    Unilever / RB
    Conagra / Danone
    Airbnb / Marriott
    Soho House / IHG
    Target Corporation
    Bicester Village
    ITAB (B2B)
    Diageo / AB InBev
    Pernod Ricard
    NYC & Company
    JFK Airport
    Utilities & Insurance
    Axa / E.ON
    Coya (InsurTech)
    Health & Wellness
    J&J / Nestlé
    Electronics &
    Bang & Olufsen
    EE / Vodafone
    Automotive &
    Car Rentals
    Yum! Brands
    Soho House
    Art & Design
    V&A East Museum
    V&A Museum of
    Peacock (NBCU)
    ITV / HBO
    A&E Networks
    Real Estate
    Secret Vault
    My Mom & Dad can't even know
    Your Brand
    How can I help you?
    Culture Concierge Services
    Bespoke services are always tailored to meet your brief, timeframe and team needs...
    Culture on Call
    48-72 Hours
    Think of me as your team's personal "culture concierge" providing you (brand or agency) with strategic insight into any topic within 48-72 hours. Designed to provide you with a foundation of knowledge and stimulus to quickly start exploring a new product, brand idea, pitch or quote in the press or trade publication.

    Internal Inspiration
    • Time is a c-suite team's scarcest resource; I will work with your board to create a bespoke Shadow Board of "opportunity spotters"(non-executive employees + external inspiration) to address key quarterly strategic initiatives, while also scouting and supporting your next wave of internal innovative leaders.
    "If you're a global business leader you've likely heard of Amy Daroukakis. A sort of 'CEO whisperer"- TBD Conference
    • Andreas R
      Director of Innovation & Design Strategy - Visa
      "Working with Amy was an absolute pleasure and you can always trust her to uncover and bring a wealth of insightful thinking to help accelerate your innovation projects"
    • Nadine E
      Strategy Director
      - Anomaly
      "It has been a great pleasure working with Amy. She's a true insight digger, reliable & committed to the task. Above all a truly valuable project collaborator"
    • Kathy F
      Content Strategist (Formerly)
      - META
      "Amy brings calm, clarity and style to every project, plus considered, well-researched and useful insights. I've always hugely appreciated any opportunity to work with her"
    • Sophie R
      Head of Integrated Marketing & Insight - The V&A Museum
      "Amy is my go-to for insight and inspiration. Fully committed to deriving the best results for her clients and bringing bright sparks together. Truly a pleasure to work with her."
    "Amy is innovation. She instinctively sees the future in the ingredients she finds. And, she also knows how to translate the vision for the rest of us so we can come along for the ride. Her enthusiasm for her discoveries is contagious, and her process is always collaborative"- Alice L, Senior Brand Strategist
    What can I help you and your team with?
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